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Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage

A massage technique involving the use of slow, deep and intense massage strokes across the grain of the muscle to heal physical injuries, chronic tension and emotional stresses within the body. Deep Tissue Massage applies greater pressure than Relaxation/Swedish Massage to deeper layers of the muscle. It can be used to release trapped nerves and correct damaged muscle tissue, as well as to soften hard muscles which have caused joint restriction and structural misalignment.


Swedish / Relaxation Massage

A massage technique designed to disperse physical tension from the body in a gentle way by loosening tight muscles and reducing stiffness, removing energy blockages within the body and increasing blood and lymph circulation. Relaxation/Swedish massage uses five soft tissue manipulation techniques: effleurage (long, gliding strokes), petrissage (kneading strokes), friction (deep, circular rubbing), tapotement (tapping) and vibration (fine, rapid shaking movements). The aim of the massage is to bring the body back into a balanced and relaxed state.